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Client Film


September 16, 2015

Working on a project is almost as fun as completing one.

But best of all is working on a project that comes together — in vision, in execution, and in teamwork. Wood is GOOD was one of those kind of projects. From start to finish, it was a fun and fulfilling challenge.


The project started

with the basic idea: showing how wood has influenced human development across the ages. As you can see in the video, we started with man’s relationship in its simplest form: fire. Fire is man’s original tool, aside from the mind. With it, we’ve shaped our whole society. Perhaps you don’t see your connection to fire every day anymore, due to the shift in human society toward industrialization and city living, but it’s still there. The simple beauty of a flickering flame, a wooden carving, a wooden bead, it’s timeless.

As we moved through the eras in the video, the scenes moved faster and faster, much like our progress as a species. That was the intention, to display how as we’ve grown, we’ve grown exponentially. However fast we grow, though, wood is still a principle part of our lives.

I enjoyed the re-acquaintance with nature

that came with this video. I do spend a lot of time outside, camping, walking, enjoying the sunshine, but it isn’t often we take time to consider the wooden structures that still surround us, or where they came from. Working in wood is a relaxing, human activity.


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