COMV productions
Salt Lake City, UT

We love pushing our selves to tell stories that make us think. Because those who think become inspired, and we create films to inspire. We are COMV, and this is our passion.







What COMV does will continue to be something, like any company, that ebbs and flows with the passing of time, passions, and our surrounding environments; but why we exists, well that is a principle that remains fixed.

about-equipmentOur design is to make a day to day attempt to better the world through its populace. We are, at the base of it all, story tellers. And as such we will do our best, story to story, to express messages of good. We will be dedicated to searching for new ways to inspire people to be inclined to do that which is good.

-COMV Guidelines and Principles

For the past years, since 2011, we had our heart and soul into creating Commercial Videos that inspired individuals to act. These videos, primarily made for small businesses, touched the hearts of millions of people throughout the universe of social media. Some videos were made to bring people to remember the beauty of family, others to think about a topic differently, some to just simply emotionally connect a viewer to an idea. Though the end result of each video was unique, the main goal always remained the same, to inspire action.

As 2015 came to an end, we realized the COMVcrew had learned what we came to learn from the corporate world of video production. In a calculated leap of faith, we adventured back into the origins of COMV: creating short and feature films that INSPIRE ACTION.

It’s been a blast seeing how the financial management, systemic efficiency, and strategic storytelling we learned from Commercial Videos has helped with our endeavor of creating the films we have been dreaming of making for years. We are excited to continue to share the story of our adventure, failures, and learning along the way. So here’s to the next stage of COMV, a different product, the same principles, and another great journey!