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We love pushing our selves to tell stories that make us think. Because those who think become inspired, and we create films to inspire. We are COMV, and this is our passion.

Client Film


November 2, 2016

Some projects are better left simple.

There is not much more that I can add to that. On occasion, we feel a story, a song, or an event can be greatly amplified by motivated camera movement, extreme mood lights, dramatic color grades, or syncopated editing. But when our good friend Marj Desius approached us with her idea of bringing together 20+ artists from around the world to sing one song dedicated to one purpose; we knew this was not one of those occasions.


often adds power to that which is beautiful on its own. So we designed a simple one-light setup (Which you can see a great featurette on over at our set builders youtube channel). We crafted the editing around simple fades that slowly decrease in duration as the song rises. We unified the wardrobe with a simple black t-shirt (but were cautious to not remove all personality from the artists dress). And lastly, we got rid of the story that was originally crafted to accompany the video.

The result has touched millions, we hope it touches you too.